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The idea.

I wanted to make something new and unique, and here we are! The idea of minimalism and creativity made this one of the coolest thing I have done in a while! Glad you are here to check it out! Enjoy and leave feedback!

Project S2.

Lead RoadRunner OS Dev

Fully custom Samsung Experience Build made from Stock ROM designed to be very fluid smooth and extremely beautiful at the same time!


Proud Partnership with Pixel Devs!

Brand new idea, Brand new ROM. Seriously, debloated using my friend's Vishan idealogy of minimalism.

Pixel ROM minimalism

RoadRunner OS beauty

The ROM for everyone.

What is RoadRunner OS?

RoadRunner OS contains features that you would expect from the newer Galaxy Tab S line up, but all of the features have been greatly optimized to prevent any sort of slow down.

How is Pixel ROM better than even say Lineage OS in some cases?

In the case of Samsung and their Exynos processors, stock firmware is a place where everything just works without much fiddling. Pixel ROM bridges the stability of Samsung's Stock firmware and Lineage OS's Stock comfort. 

Debloated from inside to out!

New lockscreen to compliment the beauty of the OLED screen.

Always, Up to Date.

I Love photography and here are some of my best shots!

(clicked using a NIKON D3200 Full manual mode)

Handheld 2s shutter!
Handheld 2s shutter!
The Alps range!
The Alps range!

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